Carnation Flower Design Ideas for Your Big Event

Carnations are beautiful flowers that also happen to be very affordable. In this article, we will discuss carnation flower design ideas that can help elevate the simple look into an unforgettable showpiece for a wide range of events. Follow these tips to make these flowers shine.

1. Keep It Simple

Sometimes, less really is more, like in the case of centerpieces. A centerpiece filled with greenery like eucalyptus and other greens and dotted with baby’s breath and large white carnations can be stunning. It gives the focal point an eclectic look and highlights the flowers.

When designing one, you should keep it simple. You can do this by picking one color of a carnation to get a dramatic effect. You can also use three or four stems, depending on the size of the centerpiece. When keeping it simple, make sure you choose colors that fit the theme of the event. The colors of carnations are actually symbolic. For example, according to FTD, red carnations symbolize love, yellow represents commitment, and white represents the purity of love. Keep these in mind when choosing the color.

2. Make It Tall

Tall vases with an arrangement of carnations can add elegance to any event. Using tall vases is one of the great flower design ideas because it literally “elevates” the carnations off the table at a height that allows guests to enjoy the centerpieces and notice them throughout the event. By leaving the stems of the flowers long, you can accomplish a tall focal point for everyone to enjoy.

3. Go Low

Using short vases is another great flower design idea that will highlight carnations. Pick an array of carnation colors, add some greenery, and you will have a great arrangement. Mason jars wrapped with burlap and filled with carnations are a great option for a rustic look. Small bud vases scattered throughout the event with a single carnation can also greatly impact your event design.

These flowers are a wonderful addition to the bride’s bouquets, used as boutonnieres and centerpieces. Don’t discount how flexible these flowers can be. All you need is the right floral design ideas to highlight any flower, including the carnation. Learn more about how you can incorporate this beautiful flower into your next event design by giving us a call today!