The Most Popular Flowers For Spring

Spring is a time when everything seems to come to life. The winter snow has melted, revealing bright green grass and gorgeous blooms. As you decorate your home to celebrate this season with your family, you may want to brighten your home with gorgeous flower arrangements from a florist in Baltimore.

Here a few suggestions for spring flower arrangements.


Orange Lily Bloom

Lilies are an excellent choice for any flower arrangement. This trumpet-shaped flower symbolizes purity, hope, and innocence, which are the religious virtues surrounding Easter. One of the oldest and most widely known lilies is the Madonna lily which dates back 3,000 years.

There are many religious beliefs surrounding this gorgeous flower. The bulb is believed to represent Christ’s tomb, and the emerging flower represents Christ’s resurrection from the dead. One myth suggests that lilies grew in the place where Christ’s blood fell from where he hung on the cross.


Daffodils blooming

Daffodils are a popular choice for spring bouquets. These flowers typically represent rebirth and eternal life. The most common daffodils are yellow in color with six petals extending from a trumpet-shaped center. Some daffodils have white petals with a yellow center. A legend states that the daffodil made its first appearance in the Garden of Gethsemane before Jesus was taken away and crucified.


Pink tulips in bloom

This teacup shaped flower originated from Turkey and Persia. Tulips represent perfect love and spring rebirth. The various colors of tulips carry additional meanings. White tulips are associated with forgiveness and worthiness. Red tulips represent true love while yellow ones symbolize joy and cheerfulness.


Group of Hydrangeas flowers

Hydrangeas come in a wide variety of pastel colors perfect for spring cheer. This plant features spherical shaped heads that bloom in full during the months of spring. These flowers represent heartfelt gratefulness. Their name comes from the Greek words for jug and water.


Blooming hyacinth in a mason jar

These cone-shaped flowers come in a wide range of colors. They’re perfect for filling out any spring bouquet. Each color of hyacinth can hold a special meaning. Purple symbolizes spirituality and forgiveness. Red represents love and romance while white symbolizes purity and innocence. Yellow represents jealousy.

No matter which flowers you choose from a florist in Baltimore, you’re sure to have a stunning floral arrangement to brighten your home this spring. Florists in Dundalk can even arrange these spring flowers in beautiful baskets decorated with cute ribbons and various spring accessories. Celebrate the season of rebirth with your choice of spring bouquets today!

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